Greendale Baptist Church’s Story

In October of 1956, about ten committed Christian families assembled to form Harvest Baptist Church, the very first authentication of what is now the well-established Greendale Baptist Church of Greendale, Wisconsin. These ten faithful families held their initial meetings in several homes, on the south side, in the city of Milwaukee as they worshipped the Lord and studied His Word. Seeing that the Lord was unfolding His purpose and plan for them, they began to experience spiritual growth both individually and as a church body. Harvest Baptist was beginning to reap its first harvest.

In February of 1957, they rented a store building on Delaware Avenue in Bay View, a small town in close proximity of Greendale and Milwaukee, and continued to grow. These dedicated families then took the next step and purchased used pews for the use of worship services in their new place of gathering. The basement area of the building served adequately as the place for Sunday school.

About six months later, the Lord led in the purchase of a small church building, with a parsonage, at 2425 West Ramsey Avenue in the City of Milwaukee. The church auditorium held about sixty people and was undoubtedly more accommodating than the previous gathering location.

The First Conservative Baptist Church was organized in December of 1958, with about twenty members, under the leadership of Pastor Leslie Knee. Pastor Knee was a State Missionary for the Conservative Baptist Churches, which led to Harvest Baptist Church becoming First Conservative Baptist Church. The church services continued at 2425 West Ramsey Avenue in the City of Milwaukee until the year 1963.

In May of 1963, the presently existing property at 5651 S. 51st Street, Greendale Wisconsin, was purchased from the Milwaukee Community Development Corporation. In November of 1964, ground was broken for the new church facilities. Greendale Baptist Church held its first service on May 3rd, 1965.

The cost of the church building and the parsonage was approximately $125,000.00. Much of the work and some of the materials were the donations of church members and friends. In 2003, the Lord graciously led His people to begin construction to remodel and expand the existing building to accommodate a growing congregation. In September of 2004, the congregation returned after four months in a temporary meeting place to a beautifully expanded and renovated facility. The Lord is faithful and gracious and will do great and mighty things in the future, with His church, if His people remain faithful to Him.

The following is the chronological order of the pastors that served God in this local body of believers from 1959 to the present time:

  1. Pastor Ruben Kile became the pastor in June of 1959 and served until 1966.
  2. Pastor Robert Brien began serving as the pastor in 1966 and served for the next twenty-two years.
  3. Pastor Leo L. Mosier began serving as the pastor in 1988 and served until June 2014.
  4. Pastor Tom Loggans began serving as the senior pastor in July 2014 and is currently our pastor.